Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Traditionally the holiday season is a joyous one. It’s a time where friends and families come together, laugh, fellowship exchange gifts and even reflect on the year. However for many, this year won’t be as joyous.

Each year, many fall into the commercialism side of Christmas. Many become stressed and overwhelmed by what they can and can’t give. Many go into the New Year hurt because they didn’t received anything on this one day. When I look at my friend Will Pierre who just had his wife’s celebration of life on yesterday, I am certain the best gift for him right now would be to have her on this earth one more day. In St. Louis Missouri, my hometown, an incredible preacher by the name of Rev. Cleophus Robinson, Jr. left this earth on yesterday, yes two days before Christmas.  We can’t forget the Brown family in Ferguson Missouri, Eric Garner's family, Tamir Rice’s family and countless others that will sit around the dinner table on Christmas day in pain and grief.

By no means am I trying to make anyone feel sad or damper your joy, it’s a gentle reminder to not get caught up in the commercial side of this one-day and lose focus on the real reason why we celebrate this season. Yes, I enjoy receiving gifts like anyone but my ideas of gifts are not material anymore. The fact that I have a healthy family, both parents and siblings are alive and well, friends that show their love to me with unselfish support all year round and the fact I have a God given gift that has allowed me to have an incredible music career. These are all gifts to me, and not having some of these things today would effect my life beyond one day.

In conclusion, as you go throughout this season, I encourage you to enjoy this season according to the place God has blessed you to be in. Just remember Christmas is just one day, and there is life after it. Remember those who are less fortunate, dealing with depression and loss. Remember, there is no Christmas without Christ and God’s greatest gift was his Son, who in return gave His life. Give a gift that is life changing, not depreciating. Merry Christmas, and an awesome 2015.

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