Monday, July 29, 2013


As I was checking my Facebook page on last night, I received a tag of a photo along with news that an artist I've worked with on a recent project was nominated and was awarded the CD of the Year  2013 Rhythm of Gospel Awards in Jacksonville, FL. This artist name is Trish Christie-Standley!

I was not only excited because she won but I was honored to have shared on this project as well! Music is what I do full time so yes, it's a means of support. However there is nothing more gratifying to be apart of a dream and watch that dream grow into something bigger than what we could imagine! Money can't pay for that! 

I'm sooooooo proud of Trish and her accomplishments. If anyone knows as an independent artist it's not easy but it's possible if you are dedicated. So please go out and support her music, the project is great! Special shout out to my boy Producer/Songwriter Claudius Craig for having me on this project! 

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