Monday, July 29, 2013


When I was in high school, (just a few years ago! LOL) one of my favorite times was gym time. I remember going through weeks of various outside activities, particularly running on the track. Our teachers goal was to have us complete a mile in the fastest time possible. Well me being the type of person that always loves a challenge, it was music to my ears!! 

After weeks of strenuous training and preparation, the time had come for us to be graded on our one mile run. After a good stretch, we lined up and I remember clearly saying to myself "Brien, you can do this", "You got this".! With great confidence, I was ready and assumed my position. When the teacher blew the whistle, I sprinted off like a jack rabbit! Man the first lap was done with breeze, the second lap seemed achievable but as I got half way through the second lap I begin to feel my self becoming winded. I forgot one important thing and that was to pace myself from the beginning. :-(

Watching myself go from first place to third place was somewhat disheartening. So I kept saying to myself "If I can just get my second wind, I'll be ok"! Well sure enough I begin to pace myself at a comfortable yet consistent pace. As we approached the final lap, I remember this feeling of renewed strength overcoming me. Breathing was no longer labored, legs begin to feel lighter and I was able to shift into a pace that not only allowed me to catch up and surpassed the person in first it also allowed me to finish my mile in five minutes! 

This brings me to my point. Spiritually, we are promised a spiritual second wind for those who learn to wait on God in patient, hopeful and dependent expectation. God doesn't often relieve us of our particular race or struggle however he will infuse us with his strength to finish the course. When you feel like giving up, go to the source of all strength and wait for his second wind!

Make it a great day! 


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