Friday, July 12, 2013


I recently had a conversation with a client that came in contact with a musician I hired to work on her project. She never met him in person but she remembered his name. A few days ago unknowingly my client and the musician just so happened to be at the same event where she was there singing and he was one of the musicians scheduled to play during the event. With great excitement she began to share with me that she saw him however after I asked one question "Did you get a chance to speak with him"? The story quickly begin to change, "but why" I said to myself.  With all the excitement in her voice I just knew they had great dialogue. As she began to answer me the excitement left her voice and she answered "Brien no, I just spoke and kept moving because he wasn't approachable". You can imagine the look on my face at this point and the thoughts I was having!! 

Now to hear this was no big surprise to me, you see the musician and I have known each other for over 20 years and as nice as he can be, often times many people have walked away with that same or similar perception. I decided to share this info with him, not certain how he was going to respond and of course it was not a good response. I said what I had to say and left it for him to process.

It must of bothered him over night into the next morning because he texted me to inquire about the artists name and asked could I do a conference call so that he can find out what he did that made her feel so uncomfortable to approach him. I took him up on his suggestion and called the client. Once the conversation was established, she began to describe to him the perception she had received from him, even down to his walk. She summed it up by saying "All I wanted to do was say thank you for a job well done on my CD but you was being a STAR"!

So, you can imagine my friend is speechless and feeling misunderstood. After the conference call ended peacefully and with clarity, he called me back with disbelief in his voice. I began to share with him he has to learn quickly in our business and in life in general perception is everything and it's important to make sure we aren't  sending mix signals to people that come in contact with us. I continued sharing that although often times what people SEE isn't always RIGHT however if thats all you leave them with it becomes their reality. 

Just like my client, there are many of us that have shared similar experiences. Whether you were in the musicians position or the position of my client, we all can learn something from this.

God promises that he is going to bless us but we have to keep in mind here on earth he uses people to bless us. At any giving moment you could be entertaining the investor that believes in what you do or your next big gig or opportunity yet if mishandled you could blow it just by the energy that you give off!

Hebrews 13:2 "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares". The meaning of this verse is that there are the Chosen of God (messengers) who we don't know, and who may not even know themselves as yet that they are Chosen. But we are to be friendly to all strangers, as some have entertained these messengers of God (the Elect) unawares. The same principle as Jesus put forth in Luke 30:36 when saying be neighborly. We are to be neighborly and show forth the Grace of God in Love to our fellow man. Both to the brethren and to the stranger.

It reminds me of why I attempt to shake hands, speak, hug and smile at everyone I come in contact with, even if I don't know them or don't feel like it! It's not done to get anything in return but my mother taught us at a young age, IT JUST PAYS TO BE NICE!!



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